This evacuation system lets you parachute out of a skyscraper, posted on 01/23/2019

There aren’t many things more terrifying than being stuck inside of a burning building with no escape. Often times, fire and rescue personnel are unable to access upper stories of a tall building or skyscraper leaving occupants stranded with nowhere else to go.

Unfortunately, there have not been many efficient inventions or strategies designed to evacuate tall buildings and skyscrapers in the event of an emergency.


When there is no other possible evacuation route but to jump out of the building, SPARS, an innovative safety apparatus, comes to the rescue.

SPARS, which was invented by the Russian company Space Rescue Systems, ensures the safety of a uses jumping from a building at heights of up to 3280 feet.


The device allows for a safe landing on any surface via its inflated frame, parachute system, and shock absorbing landing system.

When in the inflatable frame, the user is protected from flames and debris, and the landing is comparable to jumping 1.5 feet onto a mattress.


Another important note is that SPARS doesn’t require any special skills to be able to use it – all one needs to do in the event of an emergency is strap the backpack on, sit on the edge of the windowsill backwards, and pull the starting ring which launches the gas inflated system.


When folded, the device resembles a large backpack, and following the pulling of the cord, SPARS operates automatically. Once the cord is pulled, the evacuation system inflates rapidly ensuring a fast exit.


The rescue system is the result of over 8 years of research, prototyping, and testing, and its design is partially based on the deceleration systems used when landing space crafts.

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