This evacuation system lets you parachute out of a skyscraper, posted on 01/23/2019

There aren’t many things more terrifying than being stuck inside of a burning building with no escape. Often times, fire and rescue personnel are unable to access upper stories of … More →


Video about SPARS on

Watch video about SPARS on


“SPARS: Unique technologies”, “Russian Aviation & Military Guide” №11 (18), December 2017

“Russian Aviation & Military Guide” №11 (18), December 2017

Статья Airfleet

SPARS ® – BRAND NEW HIGH-RISE EMERGENCY ESCAPE SOLUTION, “Air Fleet” №4, April 25-29, 2018, Turkey, Antalya

The article “SPARS ® – BRAND NEW HIGH-RISE EMERGENCY ESCAPE SOLUTION” in Business Magazine “Air Fleet” №4 April 25-29, 2018, Turkey, Antalya.

Ударный вертолет Ми-28, продемонстрированный на Форуме "Армия-2015"
Военное.РФ, Сергей Северин

“Pneumo-Framed Parachutes to Rescue Helimen”, Mil.Press Today, April 20, 2018

The project of an individual system to rescue people from high-altitude facilities hit the top-five rating of the Dual Technologies sector of the Generation S accelerator. It is a pneumo-framed … More →

Business Innovator Awards 2017 Logo

Best Aerospace Venture Project Firm – Russia & Excellence Award for High Rise Personal Emergency Rescue Solutions – Russia

SRS Ltd. with the SPARS project became the Best Aerospace Venture Project Firm in Business Innovator Awards 2017, held annually in the UK by Corporate Vision Magazine (CV Magazine).   The company received … More →


Moscow company introduced a parachute for rescue from burning high-rise buildings. Interview for “Radio 1″

At the Startup Village 2017 conference, which took place June 6-7, 2017 in Skolkovo, “SRS” Ltd. presented the innovative survival equipment from the high-rise buildings – SPARS®. Deputy director of … More →

startup village

Participation in the 5th startup conferences Startup Village 2017 (Moscow, 2017)

“Space Rescue Systems” Ltd. participated in the 5th largest startup conference Startup Village 2017, which was held June 6-7, 2017 at the Skolkovo innovation city. Startup Village is the largest … More →