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Company competence

3-competDuring the activity SRS Ltd. has formed a group of associates, accumulated unique knowledge, gained valuable experience and skills, mastered a number of unique technologies, developed and protected intangible assets in the intellectual property form, the results of scientific and technological activities and «know-how», tried and tested wide industrial cooperation and extensive scientific, practical and industrial communication. It means that SRS Ltd. has competencies in the following areas:

  1. Design and creation of high-loaded pneumatic frame and pneumatic industrial products made of modern high-modulus tissue-film materials
  2. Design and creation of Anthropomorphic measuring station, based on the remotely controlled dummy HYBRID-III
  3. Design of new polyurethane tissue-film materials with desired properties
  4. Mathematical modeling of nonlinear fast processes in complex pneumatic elastic systems
  5. Information-measuring support for dynamic tests of complex objects with a detailed posterior analysis
  6. Research, Development and Innovation Management of high-tech projects
  7. Design of products with ejector gas filling systems
  8. Management consulting and systems integration business solutions
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