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aisAMS-dummy – anthropomorphic (bio-mechanically similar) measuring station, based on the self-powered dummy HYBRID-III with built-in sensors of dynamic parameters, global positioning system receiver and remote control.

AMS-dummy is equipped with a distributed measurement system AIMS-3.1, which includes a data collection and storage device, sensors of dynamic parameters, integrated into Hybrid-III dummy 50% percentile. AIMS-3.1 provides collection and storage of data about the effects of congestion and the angular velocity at characteristic points of the dummy. AMS-dummy supports the expansion by connecting of external modules for distributed measurement of dynamic parameters simultaneously at several points and modules for pressure measurement in non-corrosive gas environments.


  • User-friendly software
  • Distributed scalable architecture
  • 4 GB of flash memory, 2 hours of data collection
  • Record up to 2 kHz / channel
  • Lithium battery
  • ± 50 and ± 2g overload sensor
  • ± 300 deg / s2 speed sensors
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Chest deformity sensor
  • Built-in global positioning system receiver
  • Remote control and measurement


Specialized software provides configuration settings, control of operation and recording, viewing of stored data to carry out rapid analysis and to export data files for further processing. The raw and filtered data and export data in text format are provided for the convenience of the user.

Composition of AMS-dummy


Using for machinery and equipment tests

Additional materials


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