Russian company Space Rescue Systems highlights its innovative Rescue Chute System at APHS

Space Rescue Systems created the SPARS which is a forefront rescue solution from nearly any high building. This is Autonomous Rescue Parachuting Pneumo Back-pack Systems. SPARS system wants to become a must-have in skyscrapers construction all over the world.
SPARS is an Autonomous Rescue Chute Pneumo Transformable Back-Pack System – a unique and unrevealed solution for guaranteed secure personal rescue of untrained people and valuable cargoes from a nearly any high-rise buildings, for example, upper floors of skyscrapers in case of a fire or other emergency situations, when evacuation using traditional methods is impossible.

The SPARS in assembly complete mode is packed in a back-pack bag-container (900x450x300 mm) with easy-to-use suspension system with a total assembly mass of 25 kg. The landing velocity is about 5 to 7 m/s.
SPARS solution represents a brand new technology (devices and methods) based on synergy of such space technologies as Pneumo-Frame Elastic Ejection, Air-Drag Deceleration and Air-Bag Shock Absorbing combined in just one single-volume air-beams inflatable structure named PARACONE. SPARS is reliable and simple in use.

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