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Secure rescue at any height


Unique autonomous rescue parachuting back-pack system for emergency escape

Russian “Space Rescue Systems Ltd.” (SRS, Khimki, Moscow) offers a unique and unrivaled system for personal rescue from nearly any high building. This is Autonomous Rescue Parachuting Pneumo Back-pack System (SPARS®). There is no doubt in the near future this system is going to be a must-have in skyscrapers construction all over the world. 

The rescue parachuting device SPARS® project is devoted to a creation of a unique technology of pneumo-framed aerodynamic devices for emergency rescue of untrained persons from high-rise facilities.

Within the period of 2006-2014 private innovation company SRS, Ltd has designed, developed, tested and produced a pilot run of SPARS® personal rescue parachute pneumo-transformable devices dedicated to emergency evacuation of people from highrise facilities if a traditional evacuation is impossible.

SPARS® technology meets the EMERCOM requirements for high-rise emergency escape apparatus (GOST R 22.9.08–2005; GOST R 12.4.206–99) and provides for the following unique capabilities, never implemented before:
1. Emergency evacuation of an untrained person having weight of 45-120 kg, from heights of 5-1,000 m;
2. Ready-for-use in 45-60 sec;
3. Self-sustained operation and independently selected escape route;
4. User-friendly operation for untrained persons and fully automated rescue procedure right from start;
5. Personal protection against external hazards during evacuation;
6. Secure injury-free landing on any urbanarea surface;
7. Appropriate weight of a back-pack-type carried device (not more than 25 kg);
8. Alternative of emergency escape (socalled “last resort” facility).

An assembled SPARS® is a back-pack (900x450x300mm) with easy-to-use suspension system.

In cooperation with 18 leading Russian and foreign aerospace companies under SPARS® project SRS Ltd. has fulfilled fullscale research and development activities to develop the project from conceptual proposal stage to releasing operating prototypes unparalleled anywhere in the world.

SPARS® unit for individual use had required a special certificate basis. In this regard National Standard GOST RO 4240–001–2012 specifying medical and technical requirements for injury-free operation by untrained persons rescued by means of new type SPARS® shock-absorbing systems entered into force in July 1, 2013.

To have certification tests performed a special Hybrid-III (USA) crush test dummybased anthropomorphous (bionic-like) instrumentation station has been developed and created, which has no equals in Russia.

A full cycle of comprehensive calculations and testings to validate design properties and performance has been performed. SPARS® operational reliability is 98.7%.

SPARS® has its Technical Data Sheet (TU 801130–5047075064–01–10), and working design documents issued. Under SRS Ltd requirements Russian gas-filling systems (GFS) manufacturing company has mastered Autonomous Two-Stage GFS for SPARS® (TU 8042–017–45307693–2013).

The SRS Ltd. Intellectual Property Rights on SPARS® and its “know-hows” have been completely protected within Russia (8 Patens, 3 Trade Marks) and abroad under PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) procedures in 13 countries all over the world. 2 “umbrella” requests for SPARS® have entered national level in 13 countries and covered 78% skyscrapers and 95% potential SPARS®  manufacturers. 8 Patents of the US, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Ukraine, Indonesia, Malasia have been already received.

Three Russian EMERCOM Certificates were received for SPARS®. “Aerospace medicine and military ergonomics” R&D Institute of Russian Air Force has granted an official approval for SPARS® physical adaptability.

General market estimations made in 2011 by EMPORIS GmBH under SRS Ltd. Request, shows there are over 7,303 finished and 2,500 under construction skyscrapers worldwide with the heights of 100-828m and over 50,000 buildings having height of 50-100m. Taking that analysis into account the SPARS® Project may have potential market capacity of up to €600-700 million annually.

Furthermore, the estimated potential SPARS® market capacity is worth over $3 billion in commercial sector alone.

Currently SPARS® is searching for a strategic partner and/or investor to make the product commercial, set up its production and sales all over the world.

The SPARS® General Specifications

  1. Total Assembly Weight — 25 kg
  2. Rescue Payload Weight — 45÷120 kg
  3. Descent Elevations — 5÷1000 m
  4. Landing Velocity — 5÷7 m/s
  5. Landing Angle — < 30°
  6. Footboard Barrier Elevation — 1.5m
  7. Descent Time — 3÷150s
  8. Ready-to-use Time — 45÷60s
  9. Launch Initialization Time — 15÷20s
  10. Inflating Gas — Air;
  11. General Dimensions:
    a. Aassembled — 900х450х300mm
    b. In Descent mode — 6,500х2,700mm (without dome).

Actual Landing Impact Loads:

Acceleration directions:

  • “chest-to-back” — up to 8÷10 g
  • “side-to-side” , “head-to-pelvis” — up to ± 6g
  • Acceleration Exposition Time — less than 0.5 s
  • Acceleration Growth Velocity — less than 500 1/s

User’s age — 18÷70 years

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